August 14, 2023— Kellogg Hansen partner Bradley Oppenheimer was recently published in LexisNexis. His practice note, “Defending Parallel Proceedings: Best Practices” delves into the complexities of defending parallel proceedings, which involve multiple investigations or legal actions stemming from the same events but initiated by different authorities or parties, such as government regulators and private plaintiffs. These parallel cases can overlap and influence each other, requiring consistent legal positions across cases to protect clients’ interests. Failing to integrate defenses can lead to credibility loss, discovery issues, estoppel problems, or even charges of perjury or obstruction.

Handling such cases involves both legal and managerial considerations. Clients must weigh the trade-offs in their strategic decisions and work with counsel to develop legal theories robust enough to withstand all cases.

The note provides detailed insights into the intricate challenges of navigating parallel proceedings, highlighting the importance of strategic decision-making, coordination, and a comprehensive understanding of various legal and managerial aspects to best serve clients’ interests.

Read the full article here. Should you be blocked by the paywall, please access the article here.