April 16, 2019— Thirty-two Kellogg Hansen attorneys qualified for recognition on the 2018 Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll for contributing fifty hours or more of pro bono work to those who cannot afford legal counsel.  Twenty-five Kellogg Hansen attorneys also qualified for the High Honor Roll for providing one hundred hours or more of pro bono service.  The District of Columbia Courts have recognized attorneys through the Capital Pro Bono Honor Roll since 2011.  The 2018 Honor Roll members represent all sectors of the legal community, including 168 law firms and individual practices, as well as federal and local government agencies, corporations, associations, law schools and public interest organizations.

Chief Judge Anna Blackburne-Rigsby of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and Chief Judge Robert Morin of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia stated:

“We salute you for using your talents and expertise to help those unable to afford an attorney, to ensure that they too have equal access to justice. Your compassion and dedication, as evidenced by your pro bono service, have helped to level the playing field.” 

Kellogg, Hansen, Todd, Figel & Frederick, P.L.L.C.

Scott K. Attaway*
Christine A. Bonomo*
Katherine C. Cooper*
Brendan J. Crimmins
Matthew M. Duffy
Linda A. Elliott*
David C. Frederick*
Andrew E. Goldsmith*
Daniel S. Guarnera*
Joshua Hafenbrack
Frederick G. Hall*
Minsuk Han*
Jacob E. Hartman
Andrew M. Hetherington*
T. Dietrich Hill
Mark P. Hirschboeck*
Geoffrey M. Klineberg*
Benjamin D. Margo*
Rachel P. May*
Ariela Migdal*
Jeremy S. Newman
Bradley E. Oppenheimer*
Albert Y. Pak*
Michael S. Qin*
Benjamin L. Rudofsky*
Thomas B. Samuels*
Christopher M. Sarma
Thomas G. Schultz*
Daniel S. Severson*
Lillian V. Smith*
Benjamin S. Softness*
Julius P. Taranto*

* denotes High Honor Roll