January 31, 2017— Kellogg Huber Hansen is proud and delighted at the nomination of our former colleague Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court. We salute him, applaud the wisdom of his nomination by President Trump, and believe wholeheartedly that he will continue to serve the nation with distinction when he is confirmed by the Senate.

Neil was an associate and then partner at Kellogg Huber Hansen from 1995 to 2005. He spent his entire private practice career with us. Neil was an outstanding lawyer and delightful colleague whose legal acumen was self-evident. He made partner after only two years with the firm.

While at Kellogg Huber Hansen, Neil served a variety of clients, ranging from entrepreneurs, to major corporations, to small companies, to a class of persons victimized by “payday loans.” For all the clients he served, he was a zealous and skilled advocate who was respected by co-counsel, opposing counsel, and judges alike. Neil had particular promise as a trial lawyer. He was the lead trial counsel in important cases for clients such as a leading charity hospital and the owner of a small airfield and gravel quarry, and he was also a key member of the team that won the largest affirmed antitrust judgment in history.

Neil’s career in private practice was characterized by a tireless work ethic, great energy and enthusiasm for the clients he served, deep understanding of the law, and boundless intellectual curiosity. He was devoted to his craft, loved the practice of law, and focused with great intensity on the interests of his clients, who valued his commitment as well as his ability.

Neil had the brightest possible future as a trial lawyer in private practice. When he decided to leave Kellogg Huber Hansen for government service, he left behind a lucrative and successful career in which he would have thrived. His colleagues understood his admirable desire to serve his country, but were very sorry to see him go.

Given Neil’s enormous legal talent and his distinguished service in government, we were not surprised by his nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. The level of support for his confirmation, from the bar as well as from advocates on both ends of the political spectrum, was remarkable. Since taking the bench, Neil has exceeded the high expectations that we and so many others had for him, and he has established himself as one of the most distinguished judges in the country.

As colleagues who worked side by side with Neil for over a decade, we believe that he is superbly qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. We congratulate Neil on his nomination and wish him a speedy confirmation.